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Tank pad, bra, tank cover and motorcycle tank protector

 Mag-Knight™ Magnetic tank pads, bras, cover and Motorcycle tank protectors

tank protector

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Motorcycle Tank Protector, tank pads, cover and bras.

Click here for more info on color matched magnetic tank bras

Motorcycle Tank Pads by Mag-Knight™: We specialize in providing motorcycle tank protectors for sport bikes (European and Japanese), sport touring and standard motorcycles.  Our products are designed to protect your tank from rider abrasion while maintaining or enhancing the esthetics of your bike.  All of the products we carry are designed by an aerospace engineer to ensure superior fit, form and function.  

Benefits of our products over other products:  All of our motorcycle tank covers form an air tight seal between itself and the tank, blocking out all dirt and debris (even water) from collecting in-between the two.  Additionally, our products are simple to install because they are magnets.   Due to a unique molding process, we are able to construct a line of high quality products that protect and enhance your bikes appearance while maintaining its value.  In fact, our products are so unique, the  patent and trademark office issued a patent for inventing the world's first magnetic tank protector (#US Patent 5511822).  Mag-Knight brings the complete line to you in many different color choices, styles and sizes.  We're sure there is a size that will fit your needs.

Chances are you have seen our products on another motorcycle and we are sure you will agree they are the finest available.   We pride ourselves in bringing the world most complete and only set of products designed to protect your investment. Heck, people even list our product as an add-on when selling their bike in the paper. Click on the adjacent buttons to find out more about how our products can protect your investment.

Find out what our customers are saying about our products.  Visit the testimonial section of our site a read the un-solicited pictures and e-mails we have received from our customers.  You may also consider doing a web search for our products to find out what people are saying about are products.

We are now offering color matched motorcycle tank protector for many newer bikes.  You may be able to purchase our magnetic tank pad or tank bra in the color of your bike.  Click here to find out more about our color matched tank protectors.

Want to see some of our products on different bikes?  Visit our photo gallery.  Keep in mind that since we offer so many different configurations you many not find your bike in our photo gallery, but you will at least get an idea of how sleek our products look on many different bikes.  Popular bikes like the R1, Gixer 600/750, FJR, VFR, ST1300, GSXR 1300, Ducati, etc. are shown in our gallery in color match, carbonlook and black in most cases. Keep in mind that the "stealth" of our product line on these bikes is sometimes very difficult to capture but we have done our best to present it to you.

If you have a picture of our product on your bike and we don't have in our gallery, please consider submitting it to our webmaster for inclusion in our site.  If we accept the picture, we will send you a free simple sheet (your choice of color).  Visit our free merchandise page for more information on this offer.  We're sure you already have a picture of your pride and joy so what have you got to loose?

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